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How to Borrow Airtime From Mtn Nigeria

How to Borrow Airtime From Mtn Nigeria

Staying in touch with family, friends, colleagues, and clients is not just a convenience but often a necessity. Whether it’s a last-minute change in plans, an urgent business call, or just a friendly catch-up, the ability to communicate easily is highly important.

However, situations arise when our mobile credit balance dwindles just when we need it most. Borrowing airtime bridges this gap by providing an instant solution to maintain uninterrupted communication even when our account is temporarily low.

In this article, we will be providing you with a comprehensive guide on how you can easily borrow airtime from your MTN sim card anytime you need emergency airtime.

Eligibility and Requirements

Borrowing airtime from MTN isn’t a feature that is automatically available to every user. MTN has specific eligibility criteria in place to ensure that the service remains fair and sustainable. Here’s an explanation of the eligibility criteria set by MTN:

Be a Prepaid Customer

MTN provides two primary categories of plans: postpaid and prepaid plans. The prepaid plan allows users to purchase a specific amount of data and airtime, which they can use at their convenience, and it often comes with an extended expiration date. This flexibility complements perfectly with users’ spending capacity. The majority of users opt for the prepaid plan, as it allows them to manage their usage according to their financial capabilities.

Have a Registered Phone Number

When acquiring an MTN SIM card, the registration process involves linking the SIM card with the owner’s biodata. This step is important for identity verification and regulatory compliance. A registered phone number helps MTN ensure the legitimacy of users and maintain a secure network environment.

Be on the MTN Network for More than 3 Months

To be eligible for borrowing airtime, you should have been an active MTN user for a minimum of three months. This requirement prevents abuse of the borrowing service and encourages users to stay committed to the network.

Maintain Monthly Spending of at Least ₦200 for 3 Months

MTN views the airtime borrowing service as a form of loyalty program. To participate, users need to show their loyalty by consistently recharging their accounts with at least ₦200 each month for three consecutive months prior to attempting to borrow airtime.

Maintain a Low Account Balance

The MTN borrowing service is specifically designed to provide relief when your account balance is low. Users are eligible to borrow airtime when their main account balance falls within the range of ₦0 to ₦75. This ensures that those who genuinely need to top up their credit can access the service.

Settle Any Outstanding XtraTime Loans

Users with outstanding XtraTime loans might need to repay those loans before they can borrow again. However, if the remaining loan amount is within the maximum borrowing limit allowed by MTN, users might be able to borrow the difference.

These eligibility criteria and requirements are put in place by MTN to strike a balance between providing a valuable service and preventing misuse. By strictly meeting these criteria, MTN ensures that the airtime borrowing service remains beneficial for those who genuinely require it. It also encourages a loyal and responsible user base that contributes to the sustainability of the network.

How to Borrow Airtime From Mtn Nigeria

Borrowing airtime from MTN is a straightforward process that allows you to stay connected even when your credit is running low. This section provides an in-depth walkthrough of each step, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the process.

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Step 1: Dial the Borrowing Code

MTN offers two main methods for borrowing airtime: through the *303# menu and the 303 IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Let’s explain both options:

  1. Borrow Airtime via 303# Menu:

  • Dial *303# on your phone.
  • Select “XtraTime” from the menu options.
  • Choose your preferred amount from the list provided.
  • After selecting your desired amount, the system will send you a message detailing the borrowed amount and the associated service fee for your confirmation.
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • Once confirmed, the service fee will be deducted, and the remaining airtime balance will be credited to your XtraTime account. You’ll receive a successful notification message.
  1. Borrow Airtime via 303 IVR

  • Dial 303 on your phone.
  • Select your preferred language from the options (English, Igbo, Hausa, or Yoruba).
  • Choose “XtraTime” when prompted.
  • The system will present the various airtime amounts you can borrow.
  • Select your desired amount.
  • The system will make an announcement confirming the amount you’re about to borrow and the applicable service fee. Confirm the transaction.
  • Once confirmed, the service fee will be deducted, and the remaining airtime balance will be credited to your XtraTime account. You’ll receive a successful notification message.

A service fee of 15% will be charged on every borrowed amount. Once you’ve confirmed the transaction, MTN will instantly credit your XtraTime account with the borrowed airtime amount minus the service fee. This airtime is instantly available for making calls, sending messages, or using data.

When you recharge your account, the borrowed airtime amount along with the service fee will be automatically deducted from your recharge. This is how MTN makes sure that your borrowed amount is repaid. You can keep track of your borrowed airtime and the remaining balance by dialing the balance inquiry code *310# on your phone. This will provide you with details about your XtraTime account and balance.

How to Check if You Are Eligible for the Service

Ensuring your eligibility for the MTN XtraTime service is important before attempting to borrow airtime. To determine whether you qualify, follow these simple methods:

  1. Dial 303# Method:

  • Dial *303# on your mobile phone.
  • Select the ‘My Account’ option from the menu.
  • Choose the option ‘Check eligibility’ by selecting ‘1’.
  • The system will process your request and provide you with information regarding your eligibility for the XtraTime service.
  1. Sending an SMS Method:

  • Compose an SMS with the keyword “STATUS”.
  • Send the SMS to the number 303.
  • You will receive a response SMS indicating whether you are eligible for the XtraTime service or not.
  1.   Dial 303 Method:

  • Dial 303 on your mobile phone.
  • Follow the voice prompts provided by the system.
  • The voice prompts will guide you through the process of checking your eligibility for the XtraTime service.

Tips and Considerations

Borrowing airtime from MTN can be incredibly convenient, but it’s important to approach this feature with awareness and responsibility. Here are some valuable tips and considerations to keep in mind:

Read the Terms and Conditions

Before proceeding with borrowing airtime, take a moment to review the terms and conditions that come with the service. This will give you a clear understanding and insight into the borrowing process, applicable fees, repayment process, and any other important details. Being informed will help you make the most of the service without any surprises.

Recharge Promptly

As soon as you have the opportunity, recharge your account to cover the borrowed airtime and the service fee. Quick repayment ensures that you maintain a positive balance and can continue using your phone without interruption.

Consider Other Options

While borrowing airtime is convenient, it’s worth exploring other recharge options available from MTN. Recharging your account directly with your preferred amount might be a better choice if you have the means to do so, as it doesn’t involve additional fees.


Borrowing airtime from MTN through the XtraTime service is a valuable resource that allows you to stay connected even in challenging moments. This guide has provided a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you navigate the borrowing process effortlessly.

By understanding the eligibility criteria, dialing the borrowing code, selecting your preferred amount, confirming the transaction, and managing repayment, you can effectively utilize this service to your advantage.

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